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Bourbon University

Mon-Sat 11:30 am – 1:30 pm; 2 pm – 4 pm;

Evenings by appointment only. 

2 hour class

Explore Bourbon history, distilling, and taste profiles. Sample 14 Premium Bourbons, rye, craft, small batch, single barrel and white dog.

Charcuterie Plate served with each class. 

$99 per person + 6 percent KY tax.

Cocktail Mixology Class

Mon-Sat 11:30am - 1:30 pm; 2:00pm - 4 pm;

Evening classes by appointment only.

2 hour class.

Learn the history of Bourbon Cocktail Making;

muddling, infusing, shaken, stirred and blended.

Charcuterie Plate served with each class. 

$99 per person + 6 percent KY tax.

1.  Bourbon Sour 

2.  Manhattan

3.  Old Fashioned

4.  Kentucky Mint Julep

5.  Bourbon Amaretto Sour

6.  Bourbonrita

7.  Colonel's Bourbon Ball Martini


Connoisseur Bourbon Tasting 

Classes Mon-Sat by reservation only.

2 hour class.

6 tastings of extremely rare and hard to find

Kentucky Premium Bourbon.


Charcuterie Plate served with each class. 

$199 per person + 6 percent KY tax.

Call for Weekly Bourbon List!


Reservations for both classes: 502-507-8338

From Left to Right

Manhattan, Chapeze-tini, Old Fashioned, Jingle, Bourbon Sour


We attended his (The Colonels) "Bourbon University" session which covered the nuances of 17 Bourbons, 3 Rye Whiskeys, and 3 delicious bourbon cocktails. I thought I knew a lot about bourbon, but was amazed about how much I learned in that session. 

                                           - rlmoeller47





Go spend an evening with the Colonel. Can you find better people to share an evening with than the Colonel, Maragret Sue and Rosemary? Never! Go here and take a step back into more peaceful times.

                                     - Foodandwine60



Bourbon Ball Martini from the Mixology Class 

Bourbon Classes

Colonel Michael Masters, "Kentucky Bourbon Master"

The Colonel Tastes Bourbon The Kentucky Way

While you are in Bardstown book a Bourbon University, Cocktail Mixology or Connoisseur Bourbon Tasting. You will meet and spend time with The Colonel as he teaches and facilitates the class.The Kentucky Bourbon House has a wonderful bar for the enjoyment of Bourbon, Cocktails, Wine and Craft Beer. 


The Colonel and Margaret Sue serve premium Kentucky Bourbon to their guests at Colonels Cottage Inns virtually every night. We are famous for our Kentucky Bourbon cocktails Kentucky Mint Juleps garnished with fresh cut mint from our garden, the Manhattan and the Old Fashioned. We love to make Bourbon, Vodka and Gin Martini’s and we stock a good inventory of wine and craft beer on draft. We offer Bourbon University, Cocktail Mixology and open the bar by reservation. The Kentucky Bourbon - Chapeze House was built in 1787 and the house and the bar are absolutely beautiful.

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